I don’t need you, lol.
Glad I realized this now, after you lied to me.. Again.

Bye bitch.

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Front Porch Step - If I Tremble


turns ons:

  • touchin my butt
  • touchin ur butt

turn offs:

  • no butt touchin

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Oph is completely enamored by the cat toy apps I downloaded for her on my phone
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Anonymous asked: Describe your most recent relationship and what you liked about it?

Dated a friend of mine, she was really sweet and caring and really wanted to help me, but I don’t want to rely on others for help, and I wasn’t as happy as I though I’d be, and broke it off.


Anonymous asked: How many girls have you had sex with and what is something special about each one?

I think 5, I don;t really keep count cause its not something to boast about.

1st, She was fit, smart, had a path, and she liked anal.. so yeah!

2nd, First love

3rd, Was cute crazy, met her in a special place, we go back and forth on liking each other

4th, Mormon, dancer

5th, Fucked then dated, dad came home 5 mins after we finished the first time, eagerness, wish she was better mentally

Those are the only ones I know atm..

Thanks anon!

levels of love


1. ily
2. luv u
3. love you
4. i love you

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Anonymous asked: Describe the greatest sex you've had in your life

First time having sex vaginally, I had done anal sex before (with a girl, cause I dont wanna confuse people), and I didn’t want to because well, it was too early and I didnt wanna mess up. So anyways, no parents home, not for like an hour or two, and I finally break and say yeah sure lets do it, cause she wanted to in the first place. so we fucked for a while and moved the couch back and forth, like you could hear it scrape the ground, and god she was lovely…

I don’t really know how to describe it, it was sex. Shes what made it the greatest though.

(We had sex multiple times after that in my room when people were home, she was a cutie riding me.)

ya. sorry if i wasn’t all like, descriptive and stuff.

Thanks anon!!